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Branch Technology Automated Solutions

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Branch Technology Automated Solutions Overview

Providing IT services to financial institutions

With more than 25 years of experience in the Hong Kong, Macau and China market, we are dedicated to adopting innovative and leading-edge technologies. We provide IT services and self-developed solutions to financial institutions, including hardware design, software development and system integration.

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Hitachi Automated Passbook Entry Machine ‘PEM’ and Passbook Issuing Unit ‘PIU’

Extend passbook update and renewal service to non-banking hour. The PIU is a field upgrade model of our PEM solution. It provides automated passbook renewal with 40 copies of passbooks storage capacity.  All solutions are in-house developed by our professional and experienced programmers to guarantee our clients the highest level of support for their mission-critical environment.

Cheque Deposit Solution

The ESD 1000 is self-service equipment, which developed to be installed in the lobby of the banks as well as unmanned branch to allow the deposit of cheques in a simple, secure and quick way. No data input is required. The customer puts his cheques in an automatic feeder and performs the deposit. A receipt with cheque image will be generated spontaneously.

Nantian PR9

A new set of passbook printer solution. PR9 can be ‘plug and play’, ‘insert and print’ in operator environment and is easy to use. It can support Unicode CJK Ideographs and HKSCS.

Nantian BP8902

An ideal magnetic stripe card read/write device designed for Banking System. It can encode and read data of magnetic stripe in the bank passbook and card. Obtaining read/write parity functions together. It can be operated easily with reliable performance. It is a perfect magnetic stripe read/write device for computer system in financial institutions.

Hitachi finger vein ID system

A non-contact scanning of human finger vessel pattern. The reliance on invisible vein pattern for authentication has made finger vein ID a robust anti-forgery tool. It will not be affected by skin condition which is faced by the old technophile like fingerprint recognition devices. In addition, Ultra fast matching speed in performance enable various tasks including entrance control system, personal authorization management and attendance management.

CRM Solutions and Desktop Management

We offer a wide range of customized software solutions that applicable to various industries. Current solution offering includes

CRM Solutions

Manage relationships and interactions between the bank and customers or potential customers. It integrates with banking data to display all customers’ related banking information in one single system.

LeagView Monitoring Tools

A desktop management monitoring and access right control tools which can effectively protect large-scale complex network environment.